John: what should i major in?
Lola: on my side of the family we have two doctors and two lawyers.
John: nah.
Me: we don't have any magicians.
John: maybe i'll be a magician.
Lola: i'm dead already.
Me: so you're a zombie?
Lola: yes, and i'll come to you and say 'how are you?'…i can come down to your shows and say 'oh john is such a good magician. he brought me back to life.'
Me: john will have to pray and say, 'lola i'm going to be in las vegas on august 3rd. please meet me in vegas.'
Lola: i'll meet you there and play poker so i can win money. then i'll say, 'here's my money! stop your magic!'
Me: no, you have to say it like 'heeeeeere's myyyy moooooneyyy… stoooooop youuuuurrr maaaaagic…'
she laughed.